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13 April 2012 - Resonable Spread v4.1 Improvement

By Joe

  • Send SMS
  • Muti account - Jump to other account
  • Chart Report - Show campaign tracking report in chart
  • Inpage Analytics
  • Export Campaign Detail as PDF
  • Compatibility of Spread Editor - Spread editor is compatible for IE9,Chrome,FireFox,Safari,Opera
  • Upload & Export with Excel2003 and Excel2007
  • Security Export - Email export report will send to owner's email,basic user and emailmarketor

21 December 2009 - Resonable Spread v4.0 Improvement

By Sheep

  • Upload module - Background uploading
  • Newletter Archive - Popup subscription form
  • Tracking - More options of reports: not open, unique clicks, open by hour, conversion ...
  • Campaign management - Folders
  • Campaign management - Filtered search
  • Delivery - Renewed footer
  • Deilvery - Enhanced sending speed to more than 4x original
  • Reports - Improved loading time
  • Do not mail list

8 July 2008 - Reasonable Spread v3.1 Improvement

By Mike

  • Adding Simplified Chinese user interface
  • Improved contacts import report which showing number of non-delierables, spam reporter, unsubscribed and bounced (provided in Contacts > [Your contact list] > Contacts)
  • Shortened contacts import time (provided in Contacts > [Your contact list] > Contacts)
  • Advanced contacts filtering tool in each contact list (provided in Contacts > [Your contact list] > Contacts)
  • More contact information can be stored (Gender, Date1, Date2, Fax, Url , Custom Fields up to 15)

7 April 2008 - Reasonable Spread v3.0 Improvement

By Mike

  • Supporting SSL Encryption
  • Adding Traditional Chinese user interface
  • Supporting bounce back summary in bounce back report in Emails > [Email sent out] > Bounces
  • Displaying all time value with respect to user's time zone setting in Spread interface. User's time zone setting is set according to user's Country provided.
  • Allow user upload file to Spread server in Emails > [Email editing] > What
  • Allowing user to defined required data fields(first name, last name,etc.) and displayed message in the sign-up form and welcome message after sign-up. (provied in Contacts > + Get sign up form code > Custom SignUp Form)
  • Displaying current acccount usage in My Account > Current Usage
  • Allowing email receiver recovers his subscription if unsubscribed by mistake
  • A new navigation menu
  • Allowing user resize the company logo to be upload in My Account > Contact Information
  • A new email content editor
  • Check whether Spreader's subscription limit before activating a deleted subscription.
  • Navigation path lost after postback action.

5 January 2008 - Reasonable Spread v2.3 Improvement

By Mike

  • Exporting Bounce Back Report in CSV format
  • Quick Import in the WHO section during Campaign Editing
  • Multi-Language support in Subscription website(English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and French)
  • Allowing user send test email to any email address assigned
  • Enhanced Spread Engine to avoid sending duplicate emails
  • Supporting "Sender" property in outgoing campaign emails to enchance the deliverability
  • Subscribers limit in the import process
  • Supporting multi-language Footer in outgoing emails
  • Sending multi-language Thank you/Confirm/Change Emails letter to the subscriber after subscribing through Web
  • An "about us" page which shows the contact information of Spreader and allows subscribers to unsubscribe,update or report abuse.
  • Long .com supported in subscription box.
  • Allow Tracking urls contain colons in outgoing email (eg.
  • Personalize in Test email's From
  • Support "Remove word formatting" in Campaign content editor

5 September2007 - Reasonable Spread v2.23 Improvement

By Mike

  • Ajax support in Register page
  • Limiting the total subscribers of each account
  • Auto activation of Spreader after Subscribed and paid thru Paypal.
  • Localized campaign scheduler

28 June 2007 - Reasonable Spread v2.2 Released

By Mike

  • Referral

30 April 2007 - Reasonable Improvement

By Mike

  • Auto-detect mail encoding
  • Do Not Mail List
  • Export - incorrect number exported.
  • Export - add status field.
  • Improved Engine Performance in update database records.

18 April 2007 - Reasonable Spread v2.1 Release

By Mike

  • Newsletter Archive
    It will be a good idea to let your customers, visitors and subscribers to see your past newsletters. So you can now publish your newsletter to newsletter archives and you can see them at Spread won't publish your newsletter by default, you have to enable publishing when send email campaign.
    To increase your search engine visibility, the more contents you have on the Internet, the more chance visitors reach you, so link to your own newsletter archive. You can find the URL of your newsletter archive at
  • Forward
    To grow your email list, ask your subscribers to forward your email to their friends, relatives and colleagues. Every email sent by Spread will include forward link or you can emphasize more by inserting this code:
    Forward this email
  • Permission reminder
    People may forget you if you have not contacted them for some time, so it will be wise to remind why they receive your email.
    TODO: you have to modify the default permission reminder to fit your audience e.g. customers, subscribers, members. e.g. for members, you can say, "You received this email because you signed up as a member of ABC at {URL}."
  • Export subscribers
    You can now export subscriber list by clicking menu Subscribers, Export .
  • Enhanced campaign reporting
    * Bounce back message: You can now see bounce back message, why your emails cannot be delivered. Note: email address with hard bounces like "non-exist email address" will be deactivated instantly; emails address with soft bounces like "mailbox full" will be deactivated after 10 times.
    * Customize subscribers columns: you can see more details about subscribers in addition to email address for reports on open, clicks etc.
  • Enhanced email list builder
    Grow your list by asking your web site visitors to subscribe your newsletter or when you contact you, join your events. To publish newsletter subscription box code, click menu Subscribers, Build Permission Email List.
  • Import Outlook contacts
    Outlook contacts exported with default headers can now be imported into Spread directly.
  • Deliverability
    We have joined ISIPP email accreditation programme to improve deliverability.
  • Encoding
    Encoding of your emails will be auto-detected. However, if you need to specify the encoding you want, click menu My Account, Settings.
  • Campaign Sent report
    When an email campaign was sent, a report will be sent to notify you.
  • Help Centre
    Get help from our help centre at .

20 October 2006 - Reasonable Spread v2.0 Release

By Circle

  • Handle spam/undelivered
  • 50 professional email templates
  • Upload and host images
  • Powerful HTML email editor
  • Faster email delivery
  • Deliverable to

12 August 2006 - Reasonable Spread v1.4 Release

By Circle

  • System enhancement and bugs fixes
  • Enhancement in Email Deliverbility

10 July 2006 - Reasonable Spread v1.3 Release

By Circle

New Features:
  • Double Opt-in: Ensure that your subscribers do want to subscribe 
  • Permanent deletion of subscribers
  • Tracking of WHEN the subscribers' open your emails 
  • No more than one email campaign/subscription can share same name
  • All "Active" spreaders has automatically updated to "Premium version" 
Bug Fixed:
  • Adding personalized fields in URL 

14 Apr 2006 - Reasonable Spread v1.1 Release

By Carlos

New Features:
  • Reports: URL Tracking & Open Tracking - keep tracking your campaigns
  • Manage Subscriber: import by your own file
    1. Accept Text (.txt), Comma Separated Value (.csv) and MS Excel (.xls) format
    2. Support up to 20MB file
  • Personalization
    1. Sending campaigns with personalized format
    2. Subscribers would read their personal information only
  • Simplified User Interface
  • Edited format of date and font size
  • A subscriber page for editing subscribers' information
  • A detail page is added for subscribers to fill in their information during subscription
  • Improved importing subscribers performance
  • Allow auto redirect after subscribing by subscribers
Bug Fixed:
  • Remove the hostname in URL of campaigns (only for hostname:

10 Mar 2006 - Reasonable Spread v1.0 Release

By Carlos

Bug Fixed:
  • Wong Session during editing campaign
  • Sending campaign without spreader's email
  • Duplicate row when adding the same subscription into the campaign
  • Improved validation in "Get Subscription Code"
  • New status for subscription: Invisible - hide your subscription from your subscribers
  • Improved performance in loading subscriptions
  • More schedule option when sending campaigns
  • Save campaign as draft when creating a campaign
New Features:
  • Anniversary date
  • Peak subscribers counting (per month)
  • Payment system (through PayPal)
  • Online tutorial
  • New spreader status: Trial - 60 days trial and sending email to top 100 subscribers in each campaign
  • The status of all beta test spreaders is changed to Trial and the anniversary date is changed to 3 Mar 2006.

16 Feb 2006 - Reasonable Spread Beta 2 Release

By Carlos

Bug Fixed:
  • Popup windows for viewing sample campaigns
  • Textbox error handing
  • Improved email engine - improved Spreading
  • Tips for using Spread
  • Receive verify emails when first register
  • Edit Email header and footer
  • Edited template interface - easy to use
  • New template samples

23 Jan 2006 - Reasonable Spread Beta 1 Release

By Carlos

First release for beta test
New Features:
  • Campaign Management
  • Subscription
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