平台使用提示/Tips for Spread usage New
尊敬的Spread用戶, 您好,由於Chrome瀏覽器的升級,圖片在Spread編輯器顯示不了。發出去的郵件例如Hotmail、Yahoo、Gmail不會受到影響。請先使用其他瀏覽器進行編輯郵件,例如Microsoft Edge,Firefox,或者低於85版本的Chrome瀏覽器,直至問題修復。在此期間為你帶來的不便,我們深感抱歉。感謝你們的理解。
尊敬的Spread用户, 您好,由于Chrome浏览器的升级,图片在Spread编辑器显示不了。发出去的邮件例如Hotmail、Yahoo、Gmail不会受到影响。请先使用其他浏览器进行编辑邮件,例如Microsoft Edge,Firefox,或者低于85版本的Chrome浏览器,直至问题修复。在此期间为你带来的不便,我们深感抱歉。感谢你们的理解。
Dear Spread users, Hello! Due to the upgrade of the Chrome browser, the picture cannot be displayed in the Spread editor. Outgoing email to mailbox such as Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail will not be affected. Please use other browsers to edit emails temporarily, such as Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Chrome browser (earlier than version 85), until the problem is fixed. We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience caused to you during this period. Thank you for your understanding.  
Posted on 10/23/2020 12:37:59 PM